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Scotland had more species of trees during the Bronze Age

Analysis of charcoal found at a Bronze Age "sauna" in Scotland shows that there was a wider variety of tree species existing in the area during that time than there is today. He said: "It has been amazing to realise just how much charcoal we dug up, when what we thought

Colonial remains found after Hurricane Sandy uproots historic tree

The crazy winds of Hurricane Sandy uprooted a historic tree in New Haven, Connecticut, revealing a human skeleton that may date back to colonial times. Hartman says the tree was planted on the green in 1909 on the 100th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's birth. He says the remains likely belong

Wet climate helped fuel Mongol invasion

A study of tree rings suggest that consistent rain and warm temperatures may have provided the Mongols with the energy needed to conquer Eurasia, namely grass for their horses. LiveScience: What sort of climate patterns did you see as the Mongol Empire arose? Hessl: It's very preliminary, but in the couple of

Trees to be removed from ancient hill-fort

For years the hill-fort known as the Mound of Down in Ireland has been hidden because of the trees growing across its surface. Now it is being cleared of those trees to expose the fortifications. The enclosure is defined by a massive bank and ditch that encircles what was once a

Tree removal uncovers ancient remains

The removal of a tree stump in British Columbia has revealed the ancient remains of three adults and one child. Ancient artifacts and human remains have been discovered at the Mill Bay Marina development. Cowichan Valley Regional District planner Rob Conway confirmed that the remains of four people were discovered during excavation

Civil War bullet found inside Gettysburg tree

A Civil War bullet (the white spot in the picture above), known as a mini ball, has been found embedded inside the trunk of a tree in Gettysburg. Kirby said it was common to find bullets there 100 years ago, but it's pretty rare these days. Two sections of the tree's trunk

Fight brewing over Anne Frank’s tree

For two years the top of an old chestnut tree could be seen from the window in the attic where Anne Frank and her family were hiding. It was their only connection to nature during that trying time. Last year the tree fell during a storm, and now a fight

Toppled tree reveals human skull

An oak tree blown over in Florida has revealed a human skull which may date back to the 19th century. Researchers are searching for the rest of the remains. Curtin said her best guess is the person was buried there sometime between the 1800s and 1900s and that the tree grew