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Tudor window found at Elsyng Palace

A triangular pane of glass dating back to the Tudors has been found at Elsyng Palace in England. Archaeologists have discovered a “very rare” triangular artefact from the Tudor period in Enfield, emerging on the former grounds of a palace loved by Henry VIII and stayed at by Queen Margaret of

Shakespeare dig to delve into Tudor soil

Archaeologists digging at the home of William Shakespeare are set to excavate soil that has been untouched for 400 years. The live archaeological project will explore foundations and other remains thought to date from Shakespeare’s era, which were uncovered shortly before the Dig was put under wraps for winter.  Dr Paul

Space-age technology used on 16th century history

Space-age technology used to analyse moon rocks is being use analyse sculpted fragments of Tudor-era tombs and virtually recreate the as they were originally intended to be seen. Leicester University art historian Dr Phillip Lindley was called in to investigate the fragments and was immediately fascinated – not just by the

Stone Age engravings found on ostrich shells

Engravings on ostrich shells which date back 60,000 years may be examples of a symbolic communication system among African hunter-gatherers. The unusually large sample of 270 engraved eggshell fragments, mostly excavated over the past several years at Diepkloof Rock Shelter in South Africa, displays two standard design patterns, according

Henry VIII governed Britain better than Gordon Brown

According to Dr. David Starkey an English historian, a television and radio presenter, and a specialist in the Tudor period, Britain was governed more competently under Henry VIII than Gordon Brown. "I am being serious. We are ruled at the moment more incompetently than we have been ever before. We have