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POWs revisit Great Escape tunnels

Two WWII veterans who took place in the Great Escape have gone back to see the tunnels they helped construct. Standing at the entrance to the 111-yard shaft, on the site of the notorious Stalag Luft III camp in Poland, widower Gordie’s eyes filled with tears. The former radio operator said: “It

Remains of German WWI soldiers found in bombed-out tunnel

The bodies of 21 German soldiers who fought in World War I have been found in a bombed-out tunnel in France. The tunnel, six meters underground and 1.80 meters high, was built with German thoroughness, equipped with heating, telephone connections, electricity, beds and a pipe to pump out water. It had

Butchered prehistoric animals found underneath London

Tunnel construction in London has unearthed the bones of prehistoric animals which bear markings of being butchered by humans. The remains, found near Royal Oak station, include those of bison, deer and the auroch, a large ancestor of modern cattle. Some of the bones appear to have small marks on them which

2,000-year-old artifacts found in Jerusalem tunnel

Artifacts from a war which took place 2,000 years ago have been found in a drainage tunnel underneath Jerusalem. On Monday archaeologists presented a Roman legionnaire’s sword and sheath found in the tunnel late last month. They believe it dates to around 70 A.D., when Rome put down a Jewish revolt,

Mosaic of Apollo found in Roman tunnel

A mosaic-covered wall has been found in a tunnel built to support Trajan's Baths. Archaeologists and city officials unveiled the recent find to reporters Friday on the Oppian Hill. The mosaic-covered wall is 16 meters (53 feet) wide and at least 2 meters (6.6 feet) high. Officials think the wall continues down

Researchers investigate mysterious Erdstall tunnels

Researchers in Bavaria are trying to figure out was more than 700 tunnel networks in the area were used for. The Greithanners, from the town of Glonn near Munich, are the owners of a strange subterranean landmark. A labyrinth of vaults known as an "Erdstall" runs underneath their property. It is

Historical sites mapped along Turkish tunnel construction

Ground-penetrating radar has been used to mark and map historical sites located along a proposed tunnel route in Turkey. As part of the ?stanbul Strait Highway Transit Project, Turkey’s ATA? Company has prepared a special plan to ensure the preservation of historical artifacts on the European side from the Cankurtaran shoreline

18th century smuggler’s tunnel unearthed in Hastings

Sewer workers in Hastings, England, have stumbled across a smuggler's tunnel which dates back to the 1700s. Work was immediately stopped and experts from Archaeology South-East were called in and confirmed the find was likely to be a smugglers’ tunnel built in the early 18th Century and used to smuggle goods