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1,500-year-old domesticated turkey remains found in Mexico

The remains of domesticated turkeys which date back 1,500 years have been found at a Zapotec site in Oaxaca, Mexico. The archaeologists described excavating the remains of adult and juvenile turkeys; whole, unhatched eggs; and eggshell fragments from two residential structures dated between A.D. 300 and 1200. The locations and context

Happy Thanksgiving! Modern turkey DNA compared to ancestors

Happy Thanksgiving to all my visitors from the United States!A researcher from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute has compared the DNA of a modern turkey with a 19th-century bird from the museum's collection, and found that modern turkeys exhibit less genetic variation than their ancestors and other modern livestock breeds. "Ancient

Ancient Native Americans domesticated turkeys

A new study has revealed that ancient  Native Americans tamed turkeys for their feathers. More than 1,500 years before Christopher Columbus and his crew sailed to the New World, Native Americans had already domesticated turkeys twice: first in south-central Mexico at around 800 B.C. and again in what is now the