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King Tut’s dagger is made of meteorite

New analysis carried out on the blade of a dagger found buried with King Tutankhamen has revealed that it was made out of a meteorite. The dagger was found by archeologist Howard Carter in 1925, three years after he discovered King Tut's tomb. The dagger was in the wrapping surrounding the

Infrared thermography suggests there are hidden chambers in King Tut’s tomb

Infrared thermography carried out in the Tutankhamun's tomb suggest there may be another burial chamber hidden inside that could belong to Queen Nefertiti. Twenty-four hours after beginning the first experiment using infrared thermography to scan the walls of Tutankhamun's tomb, preliminary result from the northern wall of the chamber show the

Tutankhamun’s mask undergoes conversation

A team of conservators from Germany and Egypt are working together to repair the 3,300-year-old burial mask of Tutankhamun. Christian Eckmann, the lead restoration specialist, said the work should take a month or two, depending on how long it takes to remove the beard, which will be attached after research into

Replica of King Tut’s tomb nearly complete

A full-sized exact replica of Tutankhamun tomb is nearly finished and set to open soon in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. A group of workers, archaeologists and architects is busy at work at the entrance to the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank at Luxor, where the tombs of

King Tut’s death: Stil a mystery

A new study is dismissing the recent theory that King Tut died due to a chariot accident. According to the researchers, the diagnosis of trauma caused by a chariot accident is one of the many hypothesis about King Tut's death for which not enough evidence can be found. To prove their point,

Replica of King Tut’s tomb to be re-erected

An exact 3D-scanned replica of King Tutankhamun's tomb is set to be re-erected on Luxor's west bank. Director and Chief Engineer of Factum Arte Michael Ward said that Tutankhamun's replica tomb took three years to complete and involved the invention of a new technology to record every inch of the tomb

The lineage of King Tut

The Harvard Gazette has posted an interesting article examining the lineage of Tutankhamun. His father has been identified as being Akhenaten, and one researcher believes that his mother was Nefertiti. Nefertiti was already known to be Akhenaten’s wife and in fact the two had six daughters. Gabolde believes they also had a

Spots in King Tut’s tomb caused by microbes

Mysterious spots found on the walls of King Tutankhamun's tomb are due to microbes, new research has shown. "King Tutankhamen died young, and we think that the tomb was prepared in a hurry," Mitchell said. "We're guessing that the painted wall was not dry when the tomb was sealed." The moisture from