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German WWI submarine found off Scottish coast

A German U-boat from the first World War has been found off the coast of Scotland by a team laying down undersea power cables. The wreck of a German U-boat that sank almost 100 years ago has been discovered by engineers laying subsea power cables. Remarkable sonar images show the missing World

WWII battlefield found off North Carolina coast

Researchers from NOAA has located the underwater wreckage of German U-boat 576 and the freighter Bluefields, both sunk during a convoy battle in 1942. A team of researchers led by NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries have discovered two significant vessels from World War II’s Battle of the Atlantic. The German

German U-boat wreckage found in Java Sea

The wreckage of a German U-boat has been found in Indonesian waters. The team of 16 people has yet to find any physical evidence such as symbols on the hull of the submarine to confirm that it was a German vessel, but it has found plates with the Nazi swastika printed

40+ sunken German U-boats found off English coast

British archaeologists have found more than 40 German U-boats and three English submarines off the coast of England. All of the sunken U-boats are relatively close to the coast, at depths of no more than 15 meters (about 50 feet). The diving archeologists will undoubtedly find the remains of sailors with

German U-Boat found off Norway coast

The wreckage of a torpedoed German U-Boat has been found off the coast of Norway. Lying at a depth of some 250 metres (820 feet), the wreck was found when Norwegian oil company Statoil was scouting the area as a possible location to lay down an oil pipe. "The submarine had a

WWII German U-Boat found off coast of Massachusetts

The remains of a German U-Boat, sunk 70 years ago in a naval battle, have been found off the coast of Massachusetts. [Thx to Chulian for the link!] The U-550 - located using side-scan sonar - is currently listing to its side in deep water approximately 70 miles south of Nantucket.

Wreck of German U-boat found off Scottish coast

A twelve year search for U-1206, a German U-boat which sunk 70 years ago, has come to an end after a team of divers found the wreckage off the coast of Scotland. “Most dives we do involve discovering a wreck and then finding out her story. “This was the first one

Wreckage of WWI German U-boat found

The wreckage of a WWI German submarine has been found by the Dutch Navy. The Defense Ministry says the wreck of the U-106 is lying on the seabed 40 meters (130 feet) underwater and 65 kilometers (40 miles) north of Terschelling, an island in the Wadden Sea off the northern Netherlands. The