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British WWII prisoner of war camp remains found underneath landfill

The remains of a British POW camp where Germans were kept during WWII has been found during work on a landfill site in Aberdeen, UK. Remnants of the Tullos Hill Camp, thought to have been lost forever, have emerged from the soil in which they have been buried since the post

Queen Victoria’s underwear part of British heritage

The linen bloomers and chemis designed for Queen Victoria in the 19th century have been given "natioanl designated status". The bloomers are stored at Kensington Palace in West London and form part of the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection which is composed of 12, 000 items that were all once worn by royalty

Castle that survived 700 years of warfare loses battle to drunken teens

Flint Castle in Wales has survived many bloody battles, but now it is being closed to the public because of drunken British teens. They claim their staff have been spat upon and threatened by youngsters from nearby housing estates, who smash bottles and treat the ancient ruins as a drinking den. John