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Inscription found at Qusayr’Amra

Conservation work at Qusayr'Amra, A UNESCO World Heritage Site east of Amman, Jordan, has revealed an ancient inscription revealing the name of a Umayyad prince. The inscription, which previously could not be read due to accumulated dirt and previous unsuccessful cleaning attempts, is an invocation to Allah beginning with the formula

Seventh century Arab palace found

An Arab palace dating back to the seventh century has been found in Israel. Ruins in northern Israel previously thought to have been a synagogue have now been identified as a 7th century palace used by the Umayyad caliph who started construction of Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock, archaeologists said

Ancient Jerusalem stone is returned to Israel by tourist

A stone, which dates back 1,200 years to the Jerusalem’s rule under the Muslim Umayyad dynasty, has been returned to Israel by a tourist from New York who stole it 12 years ago. The 21-kilogram stone, a fragment of a marble column, was probably part of the official palace complex of