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Underground temple found at Roman fortress

An underground fortress, dating back 1,700 years, has been found at a Roman fortress in Turkey. The castle, which once served as military premises, is situated on a 55,200-square-meter area surrounded with walls stretching 12 to 15 meters high and 1,200 meters long, along with a 21-meter high watchtower and guard

Shakespeare’s skull is missing

Ground-penetrating radar research carrier out at the grave of William Shakespeare have revealed that the playwright's skull is missing. A hi-tech investigation of William Shakespeare's grave has concluded his skull was probably stolen. The discovery gives credence to a news report in 1879, later dismissed as fiction, that trophy hunters took the

450-year-old underground tunnels found in Netherlands

Underground passages dating back 450 years have been found in the City of Hoorn in the Netherlands. The discovery was made after heavy rainfall caused a hole in the pavement of a dead end alley. Experts are assessing whether the passage can be made accessible to the public, but it remains

Underground village found in Alsaka

A large underground Inupiat village, inhabited from the late-18th to early 19th centuries, has been found in Alaska's Kobuk Valley National Park. With a white beard and a multi-pocketed khaki jacket, Dr. Doug Anderson points to large depressions in the ground which he says were once houses. He specializes in the

Hidden chapel discovered under house

The remains of a chapel has been found under a house, where it has been hidden for over 100 years. Pat and Diane Farley decided to investigate a metal grid in their home during a family party which had been puzzling them since they moved into their house. Beneath the