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Preserving out-of-this-world artifacts

Space archaeologists are initiating discussions regarding how to protect artifacts of historical interest that are not located on Earth, such as the Apollo landing site on the moon. Westwood said that in 1972 — near the end of the Apollo program — the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific,

Archaeologists seek world heritage status for Port Royal

Archaeologists in Jamaica are seeking UNESCO world heritage status for Port Royal, known as the "wickedest city on Earth". The sunken 17th century city was once a bustling place where buccaneers including Henry Morgan docked in search of rum, women and boat repairs. In recent days, international consultants have conducted painstaking surveys

Fighting in Mali threatens Timbuktu World Heritage Site

Recent fighting in Mali is putting the ancient city of Timbuktu and its Islamic libraries at major risk. "They are essential to the preservation of the identity of the people of Mali and of our universal heritage," Unesco head Irina Bokova said, calling on all parties to fulfil international obligations to

Titanic to receive UNESCO protection

On April 15th, the sunken wreck of the Titanic will be 100 years old, qualifying it for UNESCO protection. Irina Bokova, director-general of Unesco, said the sinking of the Titanic was "anchored in the memory of humanity" and it was important to protect the site where 1,500 people lost their lives. "There

Russian billionaire looks to buy Valley of the Temples

A Russian billionaire is looking to buy the ruins of Sicily's Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO world heritage site. “It’s not for sale”, said Marco Zambuto, the Mayor of Agrigento, a small town on the south coast of Sicily where the temples’ ruins sit. “Not even for 40 billion,” (which analysts

Vietnamese UNESCO World Heritage site flooded

A section of wall protecting the Thang Long Royal Citadel in Vietnam has collapsed, flooding the UNESCO World Heritage site. Mud water has overflowed from the National Assembly House project to the relic. The Institute for Archaeology said that the landmark of the relic has been broken. The National Assembly House project

How much is Stonehenge worth?

A survey of 500 estate agents has priced Stonehenge at nearly 71 million dollars. The Independent looks at how they came to that price. Here’s a novel suggestion for how the government can help reduce the massive public deficit: sell Stonehenge. A survey of 500 estate agents, among other monuments