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Unexploded WWII bombs removed outside George Clooney’s Italian home

A cache of unexploded WWII munitions has been removed from Lake Como, just outside of George Clooney's property. A fisherman discovered the explosives, which were submerged in the lake just metres away from the actor's Italian villa, the Daily Mail reported. The fisherman called Italian authorities, who sent a team

Unexploded WWII bomb shuts down Berlin airport

A 250kg aerial bomb was discovered at Berlin's Tegel airport, shutting it down until the bomb was defused. Police bomb disposal experts were called in late on Wednesday afternoon to defuse the 250 kilogramme aerial bomb that was discovered by labourers in a northern section of the airport, Berlin airports

Unexploded WWII bombs uncovered in Oklahoma

Twenty unexploded WWII-era bombs have been unconvered in Oklahoma during the excavation of a natural-gas pipeline. "During World War II about 60 families were displaced from 10,000 acres here to make room for a training and bombing range," said Clarke County Sheriff Todd Kemp Wednesday afternoon. "Apparently the work crews here