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Ancient cities sprang from marshes

The great cities of ancient Iraq thrived in vast lowland marches fed by rivers, but not by the rivers themselves. Last fall, Pournelle led the first American research team of archaeologists to visit Iraq in more than 25 years. And what she and her colleagues found has caused the start of

Ancient lost city found in Mexico

An ancient Tarascan urban center has been found in the Mexican state of Michoacán. At the time of European contact, the Purépecha Empire - sometimes called the Tarascan Empire - controlled much of western Mexico with a mutually fortified frontier shared with their rivals, the Aztecs to the east.The settlement

Iron Age town found beneath Roman site

Archaeologists in England have discovered evidence of an Iron Age town underneath the remains of a Roman Settlement. Now the team believe they have found evidence of one of Britain's earliest Iron Age towns with a planned layout. A street-grid was found to have been in place before the Romans came in

The 10 oldest still-inhabited cities

WebUrbanist has compiled a list of the ten oldest still-inhabited cities, some with traces of habitation dating back over 10,000 years! Urban society may seem a modern phenomenon but cities have been around for a lot longer than one might think. Indeed, once nomadic tribes began to settle in one location,

Urban sprawl may have caused Angkor’s collapse

Over-development of water infrastructure and climate fluctuations may have caused the collapse of the ancient city of Angkor in Cambodia. The group will argue that before an alternating series of droughts and monsoonal floods hit Angkor from the mid-14th to late 15th centuries, the capital of the Khmer empire had already