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Iron Age cremated remains found in England

Five burial urns, complete with cremated remains, have been found near the entrance to the Iron Age city of Verlamion in England. The urns themselves have stayed safe underground for two millennia, despite being buried just 40cm below the surface, where local school children were until recently using the site as

Indian mining operation uncovers 3,500-year-old burial urns

A mining operation in India has uncovered a vast urn-burial site which dates back 3,500 years. The site, however, has been ravaged by quarrying for blue-metal. Earth-movers have sliced the big urns and smashed into pieces ritual pottery, bowls and terracotta plates inside the urns. Quarrying has reduced the site to small

Roman burial urns examined by CT scanners

Researchers have used CT scanners to examine the contents of five Roman burial urns found at a housing development in Hertfordshire, England. "Two of the urns contained bones which could be human. An osteoarchaeologist will now examine the bones and help provide even more detail." Using the CT images to guide them,

Thracian urn fragment unearthed in Bulgaria

Archaeologists in Bulgaria have unearthed part of an urn featuring a relief of a Thracian horseman. In his words, the relief dates back to the end of the 4th century BC and the start of the third century BC, the Hellenistic Age of Ancient Thrace. It is said to be an extremely

Bronze Age burial pots found in Scotland

Two Bronze Age burial pots containing human remains have been found in Angus, Scotland. Ms Johnson said there was "plenty of bone" inside the pots, which would be enough to determine the gender and age of the person, and if they had illnesses or trauma wounds. "They will be taken to a