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Japan confirms secret Cold War-era pacts with US

Japan has confirmed the existence of secret Cold War-era pacts with the US that allowed nuclear-armed warships to enter Japanese ports, violating Tokyo's postwar principles. While declassified U.S. documents have already confirmed such 1960s agreements, Tuesday's revelation broke with decades of official denials. The investigation by a government-mandated panel

Early draft of the U.S. Constitution found in Philadelphia

A researcher has found an older draft of the U.S. Constitution amoung the papers of James Wilson, one of the Constitution's framers. On the back of a treasured draft of the U.S. Constitution was a truncated version of the same document, starting with the familiar words: "We The People. . .

Studying WWII Shipwrecks in the ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’

Researchers are on a three-week expedition to study the WWII shipwrecks from the Battle of the Atlantic, sunk in 1942 in a region off North Carolina known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic". The region off North Carolina is home to includes vessels from U.S. and British naval fleets, merchant ships

Canada finds US Air Force plane lost in 1942

Underwater archaeologists in Canada have accidentally found a US Air Force place that sank in the Saint Lawrence seaway in 1942. Nine persons were on board when the aircraft went down. Four of the crew escaped the flooding plane and were rescued by local fishermen rowing out from shore in open

Russian spacecraft crash-landed on the moon hours before Americans

A 1969 recording of a Russian spacecraft attempting to beat NASA's Apollo 11 in the race to the moon has been released. Sir Bernard Lovell, the astronomer, was among the team listening to transmissions coming from the area of space and began tracking the unmanned Soviet spacecraft Luna 15, which was

Rare copy of the United States Declaration of Independence found in Britain

An extremely rare and valuable copy of the Declaration of Independence, one of only 200 ever printed, has been found at the National Archives in Surrey, England. Stumbled upon by an American antiquarian bookseller carrying out research, the Dunlap print of the declaration was printed on July 4, 1776 and brings

Ancient stone tools discovered at construction site in Washington

A contruction site in Washington has turned into an archaeolgical site that is turning up spear points and arrowheads dating back nearly 9,000 years. State historic preservation officer Allyson Brooks told The Herald of Everett it's one of the most significant sites in the states. A survey for a housing development in

The US nuclear bomb that has been missing for 50 years

50 years ago a mid-air collision caused a US nuclear bomb to drop into US waters. The bomb still has not been found raising important safety concerns. They would ditch their nuclear payload as soon as possible in order to lighten the aircraft for an emergency landing and also to eliminate