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Pilot’s jacket recovered from USS Monitor conserved

A jacket recovered from the USS Monitor, which sank in 1862, is set to go on display at the USS Monitor Center in Virginia after conservation efforts are complete. Found inside the vessel's famous gun turret not long after it was recovered from the Atlantic in August 2002, the rumpled expanse

USS Monitor sailors honoured in proper burial

Two sailors who went down with the USS Monitor off the coast of North Carolina 140 years ago have finally been laid to rest in a proper burial on Friday. When the turret was brought up, pieces of the sailor's lives came with it. A mismatched pair of shoes gave silent

Faces of 150-year-old sailors reconstructed

Forensic anthropologists have reconstructed the faces of two sailors whose skulls were recovered from the USS Monitor which sank 150 years ago. Originally discovered by Navy divers during the recovery of the gun turret from the ocean floor in 2002, the remains were retrieved by archaeologist Eric Emery of the Joint