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Potato starch found on 11,000-year-old tools

Potato starch has been found on 11,000-year-old grinding tools found in Utah's Escalante Valley. Delane Griffin's yard around his Escalante home is filled with a wild potato that his late wife, Leah, transplanted from nearby sites. For decades, some residents in this southern Utah town have enjoyed these tiny potatoes, which

12,300-year-old hearth found in Utah

A prehistoric campsite, complete with 12,300-year-old hearth and other artifacts, has been found in Utah's West Desert. Artifacts found at the site include the charred remains of an ancient hearth, a finely crafted spear point, and, most surprising, a collection of tobacco seeds — likely the earliest evidence of tobacco use

Gambling game pieces found in Utah cave

Hundreds of ancient game pieces used for gambling have been found in a cave in Utah. Researchers exploring the cave, known simply as Cave 1, have identified hundreds of dice, hoops, carved sticks and other trinkets used in indigenous games of chance and skill. Based on what they’ve found so far, they

Utah utilities crew unearths ancient pit house

A utility crew working in Salt Lake City, Utah have unearthed an ancient pit house while replacing a gas line. Researchers have found spear points and animal bones, including rabbit, deer and possibly elk, said Lance McNees, of EcoLogic Environmental Consultants, which contracts with Questar. "We knew we really had something here,"

Nine Mile Canyon rock art defaced

A vandal has defaced an ancient rock art panel in Utah's Nine Mile Canyon with their initials. Someone etched their initials and the date next to the prehistoric image known as the "Pregnant Buffalo" on a rock panel in Nine Mile Canyon just minutes after it had been inspected by archaeologist

Fremont culture remains found in Utah backyard

Human remains, dating back to between 700-1300 A.D., that may belong to the Fremont Culture have been found in a Utah backyard. Along the way he's moved a lot of dirt and found all kinds of strange things including animal bones in the deepest part of the hole, but when he

Researchers map Columbian mammoth DNA

Researchers are working to map the DNA of a Columbian mammoth discovered in a bog in the Mani La-Sal National Forest in Utah twenty-five years ago. According to USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum Curator of Archaeology Tim Riley, the massive amount of research performed on this specimen has yielded some of the

Ancient Fremont people’s poop examined

An archaeologist from the Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum has been examining the coprolites of the Fremont people who lived in the area between 400 to 1350 A.D. to determine what they ate and how it affected their health. Because such matter is not easily preserved, human coprolites are particularly