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The search for Nefertiti’s tomb is underway

Egypt has approved the use of radar technology to search for Nefertiti's tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Nicholas Reeves says he believes there may be two hidden doorways behind the Tutankhamun's burial chamber, leading to two undiscovered rooms. Egyptian officials plan to use radar equipment to test Mr Reeves' theory

Foundation deposits found in Valley of the Kings

Four buried caches of artifacts, known as foundation deposits, have been unearthed in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. "Foundation deposits are ritual offerings placed in front of or around a tomb or temple most likely at its commencement. While each deposit is only a square meter or less in size, such

50 mummies found in the Valley of the Kings

The remains of 50 mummies, including children, have been found in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. hey had been working on tomb KV 40 for three years and discovered a depression in the ground indicating a tomb underground. The layout of the tomb and who was

Replica of King Tut’s tomb nearly complete

A full-sized exact replica of Tutankhamun tomb is nearly finished and set to open soon in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. A group of workers, archaeologists and architects is busy at work at the entrance to the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank at Luxor, where the tombs of

Valley of the Kings study revealed undiscovered tombs

Using ground-penetrating radar, researchers working in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt, have located multiple undiscovered tombs. Multiple tombs lay hidden in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, where royalty were buried more than 3,000 years ago, awaiting discovery, say researchers working on the most extensive exploration of the area

Early sundial found in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings

Archaeologists have uncovered one of the world's oldest sundials in the Valley of the Kings. During this year's excavations the researchers found a flattened piece of limestone (so-called Ostracon) on which a semicircle in black color had been drawn. The semicircle is divided into twelve sections of about 15 degrees each.

The largest Egyptian sarcophagus

The largest Egyptian sarcophagus has been identified in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, and now archaeologists are working to reassemble the red granite box. Archaeologists are re-assembling the outermost of these nested sarcophagi, its size dwarfing the researchers working on it. It is more than 13 feet (4 meters) long, 7

Remains of ancient Egyptian singer uncovered

The remains of Nehmes Bastet, a singer who lived 3,000 years ago in Egypt, has been found in the Valley of the Kings. The woman in the coffin was the daughter of the high priest of Amon, Egypt's Antiquities Minister Mohammed Ibrahim told AFP. The discovery was important because "it shows that