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5,000-year-old Norwegian rock art damaged

A teenage boy has vandalized a 5,000-year-old caring of a figure on skis in Norway. “It’s a tragedy, because it’s one of the most famous Norwegian historical sites,” Bård Anders Langø, the mayor of the nearby Alstahaug Municipality, told The Local. “It is one of the most internationally known symbols of

Wall relief hacked out of 3,850 year-old Egyptian tomb

A colourful wall fragment has been illegal hacked out of an ancient Egyptian tomb. The fragment in question measures 30 by 50 centimeters (12 by 20 inches.) The archaeology mission, currently carrying out excavations where the tomb is located, has posted photos of the wall and the fragment before and after

Pueblo Indian rock art defaced by vandals

Always pains me to post about stuff like this, but vandals have defaced a section of the Petroglyph National Monument in west Albuquerque. The Albuquerque Journal reports that monument Superintendent Dennis Vásquez and a supporter of the monument were exploring a section of the monument last week when they found debris,

Jordan Cave in Arizona vandalized

Vandals have damaged the 800-year-old Native American dwellings in Jordan Cave in Arizona. The cave is estimated to be about 800 years old and was once a dwelling for Native Americans, who still consider the site a scared place. The area is not open to the public, but was disturbed when

Tourist heavily fined for defacing Colosseum

A Russian tourist has been slapped with a €20,000 fine after he was caught etching a letter into one of the ground-floor bricks of the historic Colosseum in Rome. This is the fifth tourist this year who has been caught damaging the ancient stadium. The man used a sharp stone to

Australian rock art site defaced by vandals

Vandals have struck at Murujuga National Park in Australia, etching the words "Go and work for a living" above ancient rock art. "What we have here is the largest gallery of rock art anywhere in the world, the oldest gallery of rock art anywhere in the world and the only gallery

5,000-year-old rock art destroyed by thieves

Thieves have destroyed a 5,000-year-old UNESCO-listed rock-art panel in Spain after a botched removal attempt. Local mayor Juan Caminero said the painting was now "irreparable" and condemned the act of vandalism as "heartless", Spanish daily La Vanguardia reported on Monday. News of the attempted theft first emerged on Saturday after visitors to

Conspiracy theorists vandalize Great Pyramid at Giza

Two men have vandalized the Great Pyramid at Giza in an attempt to prove their "alternative history" conspiracy theories. The men were allowed to enter the inner chambers of the Great Pyramid at Giza normally off-limits to the public and restricted to authorized archaeologists and Egyptologists. The group reportedly took several