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Vandals deface Nevada’s Hidden Cave

Vandals have damaged Hidden Cave in Nevada, performing illegal digs and spraying graffiti everywhere. Shots were even fired into the information booth. Current charges related to the vandalism of Hidden Cave include the Depredation of Government Property. The charge carries a fine and a prison sentence of up to 10 years. Crimes

Ancient pictographs defaced with paintballs

Vandals in British Columbia have damaged an ancient pictograph by shooting paint balls at it. While police investigate, provincial archaeologist Al Mackie is trying to decide what to do next. He says if the paint splatter is water soluble they'll just leave it and let rain wash away the vandal's handiwork. "If

Vandals damage Ireland’s ‘Stone of Destiny’

Vandals armed with a hammer have damaged the 5,500-year-old Lia Fáil, the 'Stone of Destiny', at the Hill of Tara in Ireland. Damage has been caused in 11 places on all four faces of the Lia Fail Standing Stone -- also know as the 'Stone of Destiny' -- which is mentioned

Vandals destroy university excavation

Vandals have destroyed an Archaeology Field School site being excavated by university students in Illinois. The carefully dug "squares," or excavations, where soil is removed by scraping literally one layer at a time, were caved in or marred by large holes where vandals hastily tried to dig for artifacts with shovels

Vandals deface Ottoman-era site in Israel

Some yobs have defaced a 19th-century Ottoman-era site in Jaffa, Israel, as well as the archaeological equipment left there. "The site was significantly damaged. Several of the old stone walls were pushed over and are simply destroyed. The cobblestone road was damaged and water pipes were also defaced," he said.