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Rare vase from 2nd century B.C. found in antique shop

Police in Spain have seized a rare vase which dates back to the 2nd century B.C. from an antique shop in El Campello. Authorities believe the vase was looted and have arrested the shop owner. The antiquity had been illegally plundered from an Iberian era archeological site in the province of

Erotic Greek vase fragments found in Bulgaria

Excavations in Sozopol, Bulgaria, have turned up fragments of a Greek vase painted with erotic scenes. Sorry I couldn't find a better pic! According to a preliminary analysis of the style, the painting was made by one of the prominent artists in Apollonia – the Artist of the Running Satyr. The painting

Minneapolis museum to return looted vase

The Minneapolis Institute of Art has announced that it will be returning an ancient Greek vase back to Italy after discovering that it was a looted artifact. Officials at the Minneapolis museum had told the Times in 2005 that one of its six ancient vases, or kraters, appeared to match a photo seized