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Roman Venus figurine found in England

A "pseudo Venus" figurine missing its head and pedestal has been found the Suffolk village of Long Melford. “The Venus statue, which would have had religious significance, is missing her head and would have been standing on a pedestal but she is reasonably well intact. “We know there’s a Roman town in

Paleolithic Venus figurine found in France

A 23,000-year-old limestone Venus figurine has been uncovered in northern France. "We were expecting to find classical vestiges such as tooled flint or bones," said archaeologist Clement Paris. But on their second day of fieldwork, the team found a pile of limestone that included fragments which did not seem natural. "That same night

Venus figurine found at Scottish site

A second Venus figurine has been found at Orkney in Scotland, at the same site where a 5,000-year-old Venus was found last summer. The Orkney Venus, a 5,000-year-old female carving which was found last summer, was just 4cm tall and composed of sandstone.The new find is the same size and

5,000-year-old Venus figurine found in Turkey

A 5,000-year-old Venus figurine has been found during an excavation in Çanakkale, Turkey. Some interesting findings have been unearthed during the excavation, Aslan said. “We found a 5,000-year-old Venus figure, which used to represent woman at the time, as well as a seal with which people used to mark their belongings