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Humans coexisted with megafauna in Florida

A recent study, examing the levels of rare earth elements in bones found in Vero Beach, Florida, has proven that humans coexisted with megafauna in the area. The discovery adds the far southeast corner of the United States to the list of places in North America where humans coexisted with massive

Mammoth-carved bone not a forgery

Researchers have examined a 13,000-year-old carved bone featuring the image of a mammoth and have determined it to be genuine. In early 2009, local fossil collector James Kennedy cleaned off an old bone he found two years earlier and noticed some lines on it — lines that turned out to

Ice Age excavation urged for Vero Beach, Florida

Scientists are hoping to launch a full excavation into Vero Beach's Ice Age history. The city is one of a few places in the United States where human skeletal remains apparently have been found with bones of now extinct animals — indicating they lived together here from 11,000 to