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Pompeii fresco colours altered by Vesuvius

New research has revealed that the famous red colour found on Pompeii frescoes were actually yellow before gases from Mount Vesuvius altered them. Sergio Omarini, who presented the institute's findings, said: ''At the moment, there are 246 walls perceived as red, and 57 as yellow. But based on the new research,

Explore Pompeii with Google Street View

Now you can explore the ancient city of Pompeii through Google Street View. Among the ruins visible on the search engine's free mapping application are the town's statues, temples, villas and theatres. Italy's Culture Ministry said it hopes that the exposure will inspire tourists to visit Pompeii to see it in the

Carbonized scrolls buried by Vesuvius to be read

Hundreds of papyrus scrolls found at a villa in Herculaneum are about to be read for the first time since 79AD using the latest technology. Now, a computer scientist from the University of Kentucky hopes that modern digital technology will allow him to peer inside two of the fragile scrolls โ€“