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Last British survivor of WWI trenches dies

Harry Patch, the last British survivor of the WWI trenches, and the second last British survivor of the war itself, has passed away at the age of 111. Mr Patch was conscripted into the Army aged 18 and fought in the Battle of Passchendaele at Ypres in 1917 in which more

World’s oldest man, a WWI veteran, passes away

Less than a month ago I posted about WWI veteran Henry Allingham being recognized as the oldest man alive. Well, now he has passed on at age 113. I suppose the turnover rate is rather high for that title. Henry Allingham, the world's oldest man and one of the last surviving

WWI vetern becomes oldest man alive

The death of the Japanese titleholder has made Henry Allingham, of Britain, the oldest man in the world. At the age of 113 Henry Allingham, the oldest surviving veteran of the first world war, has officially been proclaimed the oldest man alive by Guinness World Records, after the death today of