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13,000 Victorian food containers found in cistern

Thousands of bottles, jars and pots have been found in a Victorian-era cistern in London. The Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) found more than 13,000 pots in an old vault at the site of the new Elizabeth line station in Tottenham Court Road. The space beneath the old Astoria nightclub had been

19th-century pool found at 12th-century abbey

A Victorian-era plunge pool has been found during restoration work at the 12th-century Abbey of St. Mary de la Pré in England. The discovery of a Victorian plunge pool has surprised archaeologists at a Grade II-listed 12th century Cluniac nunnery where Yorkists and Lancastrians fought the Battle of Northampton in 1460. Delapre

Victorian tunnels found in Anglo-Norman Castle

Excavations at Carrickfergus Castle in Ireland have led to the discovery of a Victorian-era tunnel found into the Great Hall. He said archaeologists were surprised to discover parts of a 19th-century tunnel extending into the area where the medieval Great Hall once stood. The Victorian features have disturbed earlier deposits and are

Trove of Victorian rubbish found in Greenwich

A collection of Victorian garbage, ranging from champagne bottles to tennis balls, has been found beneath the steps of the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. The haul is so precisely the kind of domestic junk that any untidy householder shoves into a cupboard before an unexpected visitor, that archaeologists wonder

Manchester construction reveals Victorian slum

Construction work in Manchester has unearthed the 19th century homes of Angel Meadow, Manchester's filthiest slum. At the height of the Industrial Revolution, this small area on a slope off Miller Street in the city centre had more than 20,000 inhabitants and was described as ‘hell on earth’ by the social

The world’s oldest artificial Christmas tree

The world's oldest artificial Christmas tree is set to be put out on display again, for it's 124th year. It was purchased by the Parker family in 1886 and still has it's original baubles and tinsel. The tree is made of green raffia, stands 14 inches tall and has a base

Victorian-era pressed flowers reveal climate change

Researchers are using pressed flowers collected during the Victorian era to shed light on climate change.  Ecologists compared samples of early spider orchids, held in collections with notes showing the exact day in spring when they were picked in southern England from 1848-1958, and dates when the same flower blossomed

Welsh builders uncover 17th century bridge remains

Contractors working on flood defences in Wales have come across the 17th century footings of the town of Llanrwst's historic bridge. “As soon as we realised what we had uncovered we called in the Environment Agency’s archaeologist Ed Wilson who confirmed the significance of the find,” said Gareth. “It was the actual