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Wooden weaver’s sword found in Ireland

A Viking-era wooden weaver's sword has been found in southern Ireland. A 1,000-year-old perfectly preserved Viking sword has been discovered by archaeologists at the historic site of the former Beamish and Crawford brewery in Cork city. The wooden weaver’s sword is just over 30cm in length, made entirely from yew, and features

Viking boat burial uncovered in Norway

A possible Viking boat burial dating back between the 7th-10th centuries A.D. has been found in Norway. The boat was at least 13 feet (4 meters) long and was buried in the ground in a roughly north-south direction, according to archaeologists from the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage (NIKU). It's not

Viking sword found on Norwegian mountain

A well-preserved Viking sword has been found on a mountain in southern Norway. Pilø told Fox News that the sword had been lying on the mountain surface for around 1,100 years. “That a sword should survive more than a thousand years in the open is hard for some people to believe,”

Viking ring fortress confirmed by remote-sensing technology

Remote-sensing technology has been employed to confirm the existence of a 10th-century Viking fortress in Denmark. The Borgring fortress is an incredibly accurate circular shape, measuring about 150 metres in diameter. It is the first of its kind to be found in Denmark for 60 years. The findings are published in

Vikings freeze-dried cod for long journeys

Analysis of ancient cod samples has shown that the Vikings would freeze-dry to fish to transport them on their long journeys. By comparing the ancient DNA with genetic material taken from around 170 modern cod tissues, Star and his colleagues confirmed that four cod samples from Haithabu originated in the north-east

Viking-age burials found in Iceland

Four Viking-era burials have been found at Eyjafjörður fjord in Iceland. Yesterday archeologists discovered a second boat burial at an archeological site at Dysnes ness in Eyjafjörður fjord in North Iceland. On Tuesday a burial site where a Viking age chief was buried in his boat, along with his sword and

Vikings may have grown grapes

Grape seeds found at a Viking site suggest that the people have grown grapes, possibly for the production of wine. Results of the analysis could be the final piece of evidence needed to prove that wine was produced in Denmark during the Viking era, says the report. “This is the first discovery

Golden horse bridle fittings found in Viking grave

The gilded fittings of a horse's bridle have been recovered from a Viking grave in Denmark. “The artefacts that we’ve already found are exquisite gilded fittings from a horse bridle. This type of bridle would only be available to the most powerful of people in the Viking Age, and we believe