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Roman villa unearthed in Yorkshire

The remains of a vast Roman villa have been unearthed in North Yorkshire. Archaeologists say they have been given a “rare glimpse” into a vast Roman villa with winged corridors and a pavilion-style room with an underfloor heating system on the proposed site of a new bypass in North Yorkshire. Small sections

The race to research a disappearing Roman villa

Researchers and volunteers are racing to study a Roman villa in England before it disappears over the side of an eroding cliff. Dr Andrew Richardson from the Canterbury Archaeological Trust, which has been excavating the site, said the villa on Folkestone's West Cliff is continuing to erode over the edge and

Summer home of Emperor Vespasian, the Coliseum builder, found

Archaeologists in Italy may have found the summer villa of the Roman Emperor Vespasian. Four years of digs led by archeologist Filippo Coarelli of the University of Perugia have uncovered an ornate villa with marble quarried in North Africa and ornate mosaic floors, Stampa said. While no inscription has been found

Roman-era settlement found in North-Eastern Bulgaria

A previously unknown Roman-era settlement has been found on Bulgaria's northern Black Sea coast. The earliest testament of a human presence at the site dates to the second and third centuries. The archaeologists’ discovery linked to this period is the stone flooring, which probably constituted part of the courtyard of a