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Medieval village found in Denmark

Traces of a small medeival village have been found in central Jutland. The land had changed hands numerous times throughout its history, from private farmland to royal ownership to once being the backyard of Admiral Jens Rodsteen. The abandonment of the village in the late 1600s wasn’t uncommon for the time, according

Medieval village found in England

Construction has unearthed the remains of a medieval village in Runcorn, England. A cobbled street and pottery dating back to the 13th century have been unearthed, near Lodge Farm, off Highgate Close in Norton. Post holes of timber framed houses were identified by archeologists who have spent three weeks excavating the 700

2,500 year-old-village found in China

The ruins of a village which dates back 2,500 years has been found in southwest China. Researchers with the Yunnan Institute of Heritage and Archeology found ruins of 20 houses, ranging from 15 to 25 square meters each and built in four rows, in Chengjiang County, said Jiang Zhilong, an archeologist

“Chinese Pompeii” unearthed in central China

A 2,000-year-old village dating back to the Han Dynasty has been unearthed in central China. The site consists of four walled houses—each the residence of an extended family—surrounded by wells, toilets, ponds, and trees. In July, archaeologist Tristram Kidder of Washington University in St. Louis and his Chinese colleagues discovered

500-year-old aboriginal village discovered in Ontario

An aboriginal village dating back 500 years has been found on Strasburg Creek in Ontario, Canada. A few hundred people lived in long houses, made pottery and grew corn in a medium-sized village on the banks of Strasburg Creek that was thriving 100 years before Samuel de Champlain set foot

700-year-old Inuit village found in Alaska

Archaeologists are racing to excavate a 700-year-old Inuit settlement before the quickly eroding Bering Sea coast erases it forever. At the 700-year-old site near the village of Quinhagak - called Nunalleq or Yup'ik for "old village site" - workers have discovered dozens of sod homes just under the tundra.

Acadian village excavated on Prince Edward Island

Archaeologists are starting to excavate an Acadian village from the 1700s on Prince Edward Island, Canada. P.E.I. archeologists are starting to dig at an excavation site in Low Point, near Lennox Island, where they hope to unearth an Acadian village from the 1700s. Preliminary work began at the site last

Neolithic village unearthed in Syria

188 houses dating back to the Neolithic era have been unearthed at Tal Bokrous, Syria. Tal Bokrous is a sample of the first agricultural village built according to the architectural style of the Stone Age in Deir Ezzor, (432 kms northeast of Damascus, Syria). The site is the only archaeological