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Ancient coastal settlements uncovered in East Yorkshire

Traces of Roman and medieval-era coastal settlements have been found along the Humber River in East Yorkshire. The villages were abandoned hundreds to thousands of years ago due to historic coastal erosion and sea level rise. Many of the lost settlements were thought to be in the area from records in

Bronze Age village excavated in England

Excavations at a 3,000-year-old Bronze Age village in Cambridgeshire that was built on a wooden platform over a river channel have been completed. One winter some 3,000 years ago, a development of highly desirable houses was built on stilts over a tributary of the river Nene in Cambridgeshire, by people whose

Neolithic village found in Cyprus

20 round buildings making up a Neolithic village have been unearthed in Cyprus. The department said in a statement that excavations, which concluded last month in the Ayios Tychonas-Klimonas area near Cyprus' southern coast, also found domestic dogs and cats had already been introduced to Cyprus when the village was active

Fortified village found in Illinois

A fortified village dating back to A.D. 1100 has been unearthed at the Lawrenz Gun Club site in Illinois. The Lawrenz Gun Club archaeological site was once home to between 300-600 people and covered more than 50 acres. The particular site the group is working on, Wilson explained, was a precursor

Roadworks project uncovers Medieval village

A roadwork project in central Scotland has uncovered traces of what may be the lost medieval village of Cadzow. “This dig has unearthed two medieval structures, nine mediaeval coins, gaming pieces, shards of pottery and a lead pistol shot, possibly from the Battle of Bothwell Bridge (1679) – collectively, they provide

12,000-year-old village discovered in Israel

A prehistoric village dating back 12,000 years has been unearthed in the Jordan Valley. A series of excavations on site revealed an abundance of findings, including human burial remains, flint tools, art manifestations, faunal assemblage, ground stone and bone tools. The excavated area revealed an extensive habitation with deep cultural deposits

Bronze Age village discovered in England

A Bronze Age village destroyed by fire 3,000 years ago has been uncovered in Cambridge, England. The settlement was destroyed by fire that caused the dwellings to collapse into the river, preserving the contents in situ. The result is an extraordinary time capsule containing exceptional textiles made from plant fibres such

Roman village found in Germany

Archaeologists in Germany are excavating the remains of a Roman village found in Gernsheim. During their first Gernsheim dig last year, Frankfurt University archaeologists suspected that a small Roman settlement must have also existed here in the Hessian Ried. Now they have discovered clear relics of a Roman village, built in