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Ancient Roman villa undergoes excavation in Sicily

Portions of a Roman villa found on the island of Sicily are offering new insights into daily life in the region 2,000 years ago. According to the university, the new walls and floor levels, staircase and water channel found in the structure has helped the researchers conclude that it was “consistently

Roman villa excavated in southwest England

Archaeologists excavating a Roman villa in England have uncovered a semi-circular room equipped with under-floor heating. The complex is thought to have been a comfortable country retreat for an official at the nearby Roman town of Ilchester and several generations of his descendants. Earlier digs at the site revealed an octagonal plunge

Large Roman villa found in England

A Roman villa, said to be one of the largest found in England, has been uncovered in a private yard in Wiltshire. Historic England called the find “unparalleled in recent years,” in part because the remains of the villa, with its outbuildings, were so undisturbed, and it is hoping to get

Roman Villa excavated in Yorkshire

The remains of a Roman villa has been uncovered during construction of a bypass in North Yorkshire. Archaeologists say they have been given a “rare glimpse” into a vast Roman villa with winged corridors and a pavilion-style room with an underfloor heating system on the proposed site of a new bypass

Five skeletons found at Roman villa in England

Five skeletons have been unearthed at a late-Roman Villa in north Dorset. It’s thought the remains, which date back to the mid-4th century, could belong to three generations of the same family who owned the villa. The skeletons of two adult males, two adult females and one elderly female were discovered at

1,700-year-old city unearthed in Turkey

An ancient city, complete with mosaics and villas, has been unearthed in Izmir, Turkey. The newly-unearthed city is believed to date back to around the late Roman or Byzantium period, Süslü said. It was home to a 550-square-meter villa complex with 105-centimeter-thick walls, water channels and 11 rooms. Precious mosaics were found

Byzantine villa found in Cyprus

The remains of a Byzantine villa, including a mosaic floor, have been found at the ancient site of Kourion in Cyprus. Digs at the ancient site of Kourion (Curium) have started revealing an early Byzantine cityscape with mosaic floors and signs of a cistern, the department of antiquities said yesterday following

Roman villa discovered in Peterborough, England

A 2,000-year-old Roman villa built around a cobbled courtyard has been unearthed in Peterborough, England. The palace dates from about 250AD and is thought to be one of the largest excavated Roman complexes in the country. "All in all this new site is quite an amazing one for Peterborough because of its