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Signs of prehistoric massacre found in Kenya

The slaughtered remains of a group of hunter-gatherers who were killed on the shores of Lake Turkana 10,000 years ago have been found by researchers from the University of Cambridge. Twelve skeletons were in a relatively complete state, and ten of these showed clear signs of a violent death: including extreme

London Wall skulls show signs of extreme violence

A collection of 39 skulls found near the London Wall 25 years ago have been reexamined, revealing that they were all victims of violence. The skulls are believed to have been the victims of Roman soldiers’ practice of “headhunting” – removing the body from the head of enemies as trophies –

Ancient remains of five slaughtered people found in Sweden

The remains of five individuals who died violent deaths have been found in a ring fort on the Swedish island of Öland. Five bodies already have been unearthed amid the ruins of one of the settlement's houses on the island of Öland, just off the Swedish coast. In a news release,

Authorities empty Syria’s museums of treasures

Syrian museums are being emptied to prevent the treasures inside from being looted due to increasing tensions in the country. "We emptied Syria's museums. They are in effect empty halls, with the exception of large pieces that are difficult to move," Abdulkarim told Reuters during a visit to neighbouring Jordan. Tens of

Stone Age violence

LiveScience has posted an interesting article about violence during the Stone Age. An examination of skulls found in Scandinavia revealed that 1 in 6 showed signs of physical violence. The analysis discovered that up to 1 in 6 skulls exhumed in Scandinavia from the late Stone Age — between about 6,000

Bronze Age victim of violence found on Isle of Man

A 3,000-year-old skeleton bearing evidence of a violent demise has been found on the Isle of Man. During excavations at Ronaldsway in 2008, three burial sites and the remains of a village were unearthed. Archaeologists found that one skeleton bore the marks of a violent death. Allison Fox from Manx