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19th-century flour mill uncovered in Northern Virginia

Archaeologists working ahead of a condominim construction project have uncovered the foundation of a flour mill called Pioneer Mills, which dates back to 1854. The foundation, which spans 122 feet by 112 feet, offers a glimpse inside the operation of Pioneer Mills, which, at its peak, produced thousands of barrels of

Revolutionary War artifacts found in Virginia

Artifacts dating back to the Revolutionary War has been found in a cellar in southeastern Virginia. Then archaeologist Michele Brumfield discovered an ancient brass plate that at first looked unmarked — yet when turned over and brushed off a few seconds later revealed the engraving: "Lt. Dickson, 80th Regt. of Foot."Arti Though

Civil War trench found in Virginia

Traces of a Civil War trench have been uncovered during construction near the Rappahannock River in Virginia. Most of the trenches downtown were eventually filled in as people returned to rebuild their lives after the Civil War. But earlier this week, Dovetail Cultural Resource Group uncovered evidence of a previously unknown

17th-century home uncovered in Virginia

The 17th-century home of Rev. Francis Makemie has been unearthed by students in Virginia. Makemie, known as the Father of American Presbyterianism, founded a number of Presbyterian churches on the Delmarva Peninsula. He died at his home in 1708 and was buried on the property that now is the park. Among items found

19th century cistern excavated in Virginia

Four tons of earth have been removed during the excavation of a 19th century cistern at the University of Virginia. The cistern originally held around 75,000 gallons of water. Archaeologists have uncovered a plate and wall inscriptions that give them more background into its history. Archaeologist Steve Thompson has been working on

Jamestown Colony settlers resorted to cannibalism

New evidence has been found that suggests the settlers at Jamestown Colony in Virginia resorted to eating a 14-year-old girl during the harsh winter of 1609. A recent excavation at the historic site discovered the carcasses of dogs, cats and horses consumed during the season commonly called the “Starving Time.” But

Foundations of 19th century slaughterhouse unearthed in Virginia

Archaeologists working at the construction site of a new school building have unearthed the brick foundations of a 19th century slaughterhouse in Alexandria, Virginia. “It’s really the only site where we’re going to find anything out about a 19th-century butchery,” said Fran Bromberg, acting city archaeologist. “It’s just really something that

Construction work in Virginia unearths Civil War artifacts

Work at a construction site in Fredericksburg, Virginia has unearthed hundreds of Civil War artifacts. The first bullet surfaced just after lunch. As Jon Tucker sifted soil through a screen in September, a corroded lead slug jiggled into view amid the sand and ash excavated from a pit just a few