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Hepatitis B virus found in 16th century Korean mummy

The mummified remains of a child from Korea have produced the oldest full viral genome description of a unique hepatitis B virus known as a genotype C2 sequence. Carbon 14 tests of the clothing of the mummy suggests that the boy lived around the 16th century during the Korean Joseon Dynasty.

Ice Age virus found in cave mud

A 20-year-old student has found an ancient ice age virus in a glacial cave in Indiana. Further analysis proved to be even more remarkable. Lurking in the dank sample of cave mud she collected was a virus previously unknown to science — a bacteriophage that attacks bacteria from the same family

Fossil virus found in songbird chromosomes

Fragments of a 19 million-year-old virus have been found in the chromosomes of songbirds. DNA analysis indicates these viral remnants are ancient hepadnaviruses, a family of DNA viruses that includes the hepatitis B virus (HBV), which infects roughly one-third of the world's human population, causing a variety of acute and