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Cave paintings may depict volcanic eruption

36,000-year-old spray-like paintings found in Chauvet-Pont D’Arc Cave in France may be the oldest-known depictions of a volcanic eruption. Fearsome animals such as woolly rhinoceroses, cave lions and bears dominate Chauvet’s imagery. But one of its innermost galleries — named after a giant deer species, Megaloceros, that is depicted there —

Ancient Irish texts aid climate researchers

Researchers looking at the impact of volcanic activity on the climate over a 1,200 year period have studied ancient Irish texts written by monks who recorded significant events such as descriptions of extreme cold and heat. These chronicles are generally known as the Irish Annals and in this report, scientists and

100-year-old volcanic ash causes haze over Alaska

A smoggy haze that hung over Kodiak Island in Alaska last week was caused by the wind-blown ash of a volcanic eruption that took place over 100 years ago. The National Weather Service said strong winds and a lack of snow Tuesday helped stir up ash from the 1912 eruption of

Volcano caused deaths of those buried in mass grave found in London

Archaeologists excavating a mass grave in London's East End have discovered that those buried there died as a result of a massive volcanic eruption in 1258. When archaeologists discovered thousands of medieval skeletons in a mass burial pit in east London in the 1990s, they assumed they were 14th-century victims of

Pompeii fresco colours altered by Vesuvius

New research has revealed that the famous red colour found on Pompeii frescoes were actually yellow before gases from Mount Vesuvius altered them. Sergio Omarini, who presented the institute's findings, said: ''At the moment, there are 246 walls perceived as red, and 57 as yellow. But based on the new research,

Rethinking what killed the citizens of Pompeii

New research shows that victims at Pompeii died from temperature, not from suffocation by ash. The Mt. Vesuvius volcano took their lives in 79 A.D., unleashing its fury and burying the ancient port city of Pompeii under layers of lava and ashes. The sight was so horrific, that Pompeians

Volcanic eruption 73,000 years ago nearly wiped out the human race

Scientists are positing that the Toba eruption, which occurred 73,000 years ago in Sumatra nearly caused humans to go extinct. The Toba eruption, which took place on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia about 73,000 years ago, released an estimated 800 cubic kilometers of ash into the atmosphere that blanketed the