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Iron Age Norwegian guerrilla warfare

New research suggests that after the Western Roman Empire collapsed the nature of warfare in Norway altered drastically, changing from large battles to small raids which lead to the increased usage of axes. Two armies faced each over and soldiers began the fight by hurling javelins at each other. With a

Child soldiers from the past

The Independent has posted an interesting article profiling the use of children in warfare throughout history. Human rights campaigners often suggest that child-soldiering is the product of modern, post-colonial conflict, but that's obviously untrue. Goliath may have fatally underestimated David "for he was but a youth, ruddy and of fair

Six high-tech ancient weapons has posted a list showcasing six ancient weapons that were ahead of their times. #6 The Zhuge Nu Semi-Automatic Crossbow In short, it was a semi-automatic weapon... from 2,400 years ago. In fourth century B.C., the Chinese developed a new kind of crossbow that revolutionized the way siege