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Pristine imperial tomb found in Peru

An untouched tomb containing the remains of three queens who ruled during the Wari Empire (700 A.D. - 1000 A.D.) has been unearthed in Peru. It was a stunning discovery: the first unlooted imperial tomb of the Wari, the ancient civilization that built South America's earliest empire between 700 and 1000

Ancient Wari sundial found in Peru

A Wari sundial, as well as an underground tunnel and reception room, have been found in Peru. One of the relics is believed to be a precursor to an Incan sundial, while 18 niches painted in white on the walls may have held ancestral mummies, Joseph Ochatoma, leading the excavation, El

Ancient Wari tombs found in Peru

In what is being hailed as a discovery as important as Machu Picchu, Wari tombs dating back to between the 7th - 12th centuries, have ben found in Peru. Archaeologists found a y-shaped silver chest plate, a silver mask, two golden bracelets with feline figures and two wooden walking sticks laminated