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Bronze Age warrior’s tomb found in Greece

The tomb of a wealth warrior buried with more than 1,400 artifacts has been found in Pylos, Greece. On the floor of the grave lay the skeleton of an adult male, stretched out on his back. Weapons lay to his left, and jewelry to his right. Near the head and chest was

11th-century Warrior’s tomb found in Poland

A wooden chamber tomb containing the remains of an elite warrior who lived in the 11th-century A.D. has been found in southwestern Poland. A large tomb, in the form of recessed in-ground wooden structure, has been discovered by archaeologists during excavations near Opatowska Gate in Sandomierz. This is the first such

Skeleton of female warrior found in Kazakhstan

The remains of a woman buried with a variety of weapons has been unearthed in southern Kazakhstan. Experts believe she was a citizen of importance living in the ancient Kanguy state. She is thought to have led a group of nomads who lived somewhere in the area of modern Kazakhstan. Researchers also

Arrowhead found lodged in Iron Age warrior’s spine

An arrowhead has been found embedded in the spine of an Iron Age warrior. The arrow was not the cause of death as the warrior lived long enough for the bone to heal around the metal point. "This found individual was extremely lucky to survive," said study researcher Svetlana Svyatko, a

11th century warrior burial found in Siberia

The grave of an Ust-Ishim warrior has been found in southwestern Siberia. The remains of the fearsome warrior - who towered some 25 centimetres over his peers - were unearthed by archeologists near Omsk in an ancient burial mound. Experts are intrigued by his death mask and the elaborate nature of

Etruscan warrior prince actually a princess

The bones of an Etruscan warrior prince found last month in Italy are actually the remains of a middle-aged woman. When the team removed the sealed slab blocking the tomb, they saw two large platforms. On one platform lay a skeleton bearing a lance. On another lay a partially incinerated skeleton.

2,000-year-old warrior’s grave found in England

The grave of a warrior who died 2,000 years ago has been found underneath the future site of a new golf clubhouse in Colchester, England. Archaeologists have been investigating land at the Playgolf course in Bakers Lane, Colchester, before work starts on the new range. And Philip Crummy, director of the Colchester

Badger unearths warrior graveyard

A badger digging in northern Germany has lead to the discovery of a medieval graveyard for Slavish warriors. The Berliner Zeitung newspaper said Wilhelm called the experts as soon as he realized the animals had dug up bones. Archaeologists moved in and expanded the work of the badgers, freeing up eight