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Wreckage of WWI-era warship found

The sunken wreckage of the HMS Pheasant has been found off the coast of Orkney's Old Man of Hoy. The destroyer sank on 1 March 1917 after hitting a mine believed to have been laid by a German U-boat. All 89 crew on board were lost. The first view of the wreck

Underwater wreckage of Chinese warship excavated

Underwater archaeologists are excavating the underwater wreckage of a Chinese warship from the 19th century which was sunk by the Japanese navy in 1894 during the first Sino-Japanese War. Additionally, Chen said: "I am looking forward to finding the seal of the ship or the captain. The ship seal was invariably

Warship sea monster figurehead raised from Baltic

The figurehead of a 15th century Danish warship has been raised from the bottom of the Baltic Sea. A wooden sea monster emerged on Tuesday from the Baltic sea after lying on the seabed off the southern Swedish town of Ronneby for more than 500 years. Representing a ferocious looking creature with

Dutch warship found off Tobago coast

A Dutch warship dating back to the 17th century has been found off the coast of Tobago. The find is a significant source of information for the maritime history of the period. “Although we have some written records of the battle itself, we possess no detailed plans of 17th-century warships,” Batchvarov

Scientists work to slow corrosion of ancient warship’s ram

Researchers are in a hurry to stop a buildup of sulphuric acid from eating away at an ancient warship's ram that was recovered from the floor of the Mediterranean Sea. Researchers are racing to find a way to slow the disintegration and perhaps, in the process, learn how to preserve other

Ancient shipwreck points to major Roman battle

The remains of a sunken Roman warship have been found in the Mediterranean Sea, possibly confirming the site of a major battle where Rome defeated Carthage. The shipwreck was found near the island of Levanzo, west of Sicily, which is where historical documents place the battle. In the summer of

Treasure hunters seek Lake Superior wrecks

Shipwreck hunters are searching for two French warships which vanished in the Great Lake in 1918. Ninety years after their disappearance in a Lake Superior blizzard, shipwreck hunters are trying to find two French warships that vanished without a trace, taking two Canadian Great Lakes captains and 78 French sailors with