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3-D map of Lincoln’s Presidential Cottage created

Researchers employing the use of lasers have created a 3-D map of Abraham Lincoln's presidential cottage found in Washington, D.C. “It’s a step up from a panoramic photo, because a panoramic photo has a certain amount of distortion and it’s always from a fixed point,” Stull said. “With a panoramic photo,

Quileute petroglyph found in Washington

A man and his son on a fishing trip in Washington stumbled across a petroglyph on a rock that depicts figures from Quileute mythology. It was big — about 2 feet in diameter, with a domelike top filled with grooves and small depressions. Reid scraped off some moss so they could

How did 2,000-year-old Roman bricks end up in Washington State?

In 1982 a collection of unusual bricks were found at Fort Vancouver in Washington state. It turns out they were made 2,000-years ago in Roman England and may have been transported to America in the early 19th century when being used as ballast in a supply ship belonging to the

Ship’s skeleton emerges on Washington beach

The skeleton of a ship has emerged on Washaway Beach, Washington. It is believed it is the remains of a freighter that broke in two in 1921. A year ago, this panoply of massive timbers, rusty metal rods and wooden rivets was hidden under 9 feet of tree-covered land one-half mile

Archaeologists excavate Hanford nuclear site’s garbage dumps

Archaeologists have been excavating garbage dumps at Hanford Site, Washington, where tens of thousands of workers's refuse was buried when they worked on the nuclear reservation during World War II. Archaeologists are sorting through what those early Hanford workers and their families threw away at the atomic boom town, seeing if

Ancient stone tools discovered at construction site in Washington

A contruction site in Washington has turned into an archaeolgical site that is turning up spear points and arrowheads dating back nearly 9,000 years. State historic preservation officer Allyson Brooks told The Herald of Everett it's one of the most significant sites in the states. A survey for a housing development in

The 7 most impressive libraries ever

The News in Print blog has compiled a list of the seven most impressive libraries from through history. Another early library was the Celsus Library in Ephesus, built in 110 A.D. by the Council Gaius Julius Aquila. The library became one of the largest collections of antiquity, storing an estimated 12,000