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800-year-old well found in Vietnam

An 800-year-old brick lined well has been discovered at an archaeological site in Vietnam. The ancient well, which is presumed to be built in the 12th century, has square structure, each side of which is nearly 1m long. It is made of ancient Ch?m bricks, similar to materials used in other

Stone Age well found in Czech Republic

A 7,000-year-old well has been found in the Czech Republic's Central Bohemian Region. Czech archaeologists have revealed the remains of a well that was used more than 7000 years ago, or in the Early Stone Age, and was part of a large settlement, Tomas Chlup, head of the research team, has

Largest Roman water basin found

Archaeologists working in Rome have uncovered the largest Roman water basin yet found. A dig in Rome related to work on the city's new C metro line has uncovered the largest ancient Roman water basin ever found, Rossella Rea, the scientific head of the excavation, said on Wednesday. "It was inside

Bottle of spring water found in Baltic sea shipwreck

A stoneware bottle containing spring water has been found in a 19th century shipwreck in the Baltic Sea. Still corked, the perfectly preserved stoneware bottle was produced between 1806 and 1830 by Selters, one of the oldest mineral waters in Europe. The 12-inch bottle was found during archaeological work on a shipwreck

Pyramid-builders may have used water to move stone blocks

New research suggests that ancient Egyptians may have been able to move massive stone blocks for building by using wet sand. Physicists at the University of Amsterdam investigated the forces needed to pull weighty objects on a giant sled over desert sand, and discovered that dampening the sand in front of

Ancient Rome’s water was heavily contaminated with lead

Sediment cores taken from the harbour basin at the Trajanic port of Portus has revealed that Rome's water supply was contaminated with lead as it passed through the giant network of pipes that supplied the city. "It's marginal. You would start being worried about drinking that water all your life," said

17th century water system found at 12th century monastery

A water system dating back to the 17th century has been found at the Swiety Krzyz monastery in Poland. An extensive water collection, the oldest parts of which date back to the 17th century, uncovered archaeologists in the close of the monastery on the Holy Cross Mountain. According to scientists, the

The oldest water wells in Europe

Archeologists in Germany have uncovered four water wells which date back 7,000 years.   The four wells, which reach seven metres into the earth and were likely used to provide a small settlement with fresh water, did not match up with what historians believed man was capable of at that time. The discovery