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Abandoned well turns up 19th century artifacts

A water well abandoned in New Zealand 100 years ago found new life as a rubbish tip. Now, archaeologists are digging down through the layers to find all sorts of cool 19th century artifacts. "Within the well they have found all sorts of 19th century remains, artefacts like shoes and tin

Evidence of North America’s oldest chocolate found in Florida

In St. Augustine, Florida, a chocolate whisk has been found which dates back to the 1500s. That humble whisk -- known as a molinillo -- is a big deal to archaeologists because it proves that chocolate dates back at least to the 1500s in St. Augustine. "It shows a probable connection to

Roman well unearthed during road construction

A Roman well has been found during construction to widen a road near Bingham, England. A heritage group is now campaigning for the historic site to be dismantled stone by stone and re-erected in the town to prevent it being demolished by bulldozers. Peter Allen, chairman of the Bingham Heritage Trails Association,

10,500-year-old well found, with skeleton at the bottom

Archaeologists in Cyprus have found a 10,500-year-old water well with the skeleton of a young woman at the bottom of it. Pavlos Flourentzos, the nation's top antiquities official, said the 16-foot deep cylindrical shaft was found last month at a construction site in Kissonerga, a village near the Mediterranean island nation's

400 year-old slate tablet discovered at Jamestown dig

A 400-year old slate tablet has been pulled from what Archaeologists believe was an original Jamestown well. The slate is covered with faint inscriptions of local birds, flowers, a tree and caricatures of men, along with letters and numbers, according to Preservation Virginia, which jointly operates the dig site with the

Ancient well unearthed in woman’s back garden

The original Camber Well, which gave it's name to the London district of Camberwell, has been been unearthed in a woman's backyard. It is thought to be between 2-3,000 years old. "I was only about two feet out, which shows the incredible accuracy of the maps. Four or five feet under