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25 million-year-old mud-sucking whale discovered in Australia

A 25 million-year-old fossil of mud-sucking whale, an ancestor of today's blue whales, has been discovered in Australia. The ancient animal's mud slurping may have been a precursor to the filter feeding seen in modern baleen whales. These whales strain huge quantities of tiny marine animals through specialised "combs" which take the

Decorated whale’s tooth from HMS Beagle up for auction

A whale's tooth decorated by a marine on the HMS Beagle during Charles Darwin's expedition is set to fetch over $80,000 at auction. The scrimshaw, a piece of work created by a whaler, depicts two images of HM Sloop Beagle, one when she was at sea and the other when she

Ancient whale remains found in Santa Cruz

The remains of a five million year old whale have been found on a California beach. "I was in awe, because I knew a vertebrae with ribs is a pretty rare find," Heiman said. It didn't take Heiman long to realize the project needed professionals. He informed Santa Cruz County and, ultimately,

Ancient whale skeleton found in Sweden

The skeleton of a 10,000 year old whale has been found under a motorway in Sweden. Researchers from Sweden's Gothenburg University and the Natural History Museum in London are working together to conduct DNA tests on the ancient whale skeleton measuring between 49 and 65 feet, The Local said Monday. Gothenburg University

Whale Fossil Found in Kitchen Counter

A factory that makes kitchen countertops sliced through a block of limestone to find the bones of 40-million-year-old whale fossil, creating a perfect cross section of the animal's skeleton.