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Whale graveyard found in China

A whale graveyard, containing 80 fossils, has been found in China. 'In 15 days, we have had almost 15 whales. It really was a surprise. We didn't expect to find so many fossils in one place,' said Vega. The team has been carefully extracting the ancient remains from the site since May. Chief

Whale fossil shows evidence of shark attack

A 40-million-year old fossil of a new species of whale bears marks that indicate it was attacked by a shark. The whale most likely met its demise at the mouth of an ancient shark. Tooth marks on its ribcage indicate it might have been attacked from its right flank, similar to

3-million-year-old whale fossil found at San Diego Zoo

The fossil remains of a whale which lived 3 million years ago have been found during construction at the San Diego zoo. The San Diego Zoo has about 4,000 animals â?? all carefully catalogued. For at least a few more days, it will have one more that officials didn't even

Fossil of giant whale-eating whale discovered

The remains of 13-million-year-old giant whale-eating whale, named Leviathan melvillei, has been discovered. By comparing those fossils, which were found in southern Peru in November 2008, with more complete remains of other species, the researchers estimate that Leviathan measured between 44 and 57 feet in length, slightly smaller than

Bone worms are at least 30-million-year-old

Scientists have found the 30-million-year-old fossil boreholds of the worm Osedax, which eats whale bones on the deep-sea floor. Six years ago Osedax was first described based on specimens living on a whale carcass in 2891 m depth off California. Since then paleontologists have been searching for fossil evidence to