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Ernest Shackleton’s whiskey recreated

Distillers have recreated the whisky Ernest Shackleton took with him on his doomed expedition to reach the South Pole in 1907-1909. Samples of the Shackleton whisky were analysed at Whyte & Mackay's Invergordon distillery. The Glasgow-based company's master blender Richard Paterson then spent eight weeks blending a range of malts to get

Member of Shackleton’s crew snuck sips of whisky

Remember the story last week about the crate of hundred-year-old whiskey uncovered in the Antarctic ice at Ernest Shackleton's base camp? Apparently one of his crew was sneaking sips! The Mackinlay's whisky crate was frozen solid but the minus 30 degrees Celsius (-22F) temperature was not enough to freeze the liquid.The crate

Shackleton’s whisky recovered from South Pole

As a follow-up to this article, five 100-year-old crates of Scotch whisky and brandy that were taken to the South Pole by Ernest Shackleton's expedition have been recovered. They were buried beneath Shackleton's Antarctic hut, built in 1908 for a failed expedition to the South Pole. Some of the crates have cracked