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Tudor window found at Elsyng Palace

A triangular pane of glass dating back to the Tudors has been found at Elsyng Palace in England. Archaeologists have discovered a “very rare” triangular artefact from the Tudor period in Enfield, emerging on the former grounds of a palace loved by Henry VIII and stayed at by Queen Margaret of

13th century window reopened at Mingary Casle

A window that was sealed up 500 years ago has been reopened at the 13th century Mingary Castle in Scotland. “Considering it's been there so long, the mortar is incredibly hard, so it took a good half-hour and some gentle persuasion with a small pneumatic drill before they finally broke through. “Even

Evidence of King Richard III lost chapel found in York

Archaeologists working in York, England, have found evidence of a memorial chapel that King Richard III commissioned to be built in 1483. A University of York spokesman for the department stressed the research so far looked positive, but said researchers can’t prove exactly where the chapel was until a larger excavation