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Entrance to forgotten WWII bunker uncovered

The entrance to a secret WWII bunker has been uncovered in Wiltshire, England. "If we just found some edges of corrugated iron dropping down into a hole we could have just said it was an ammo dump or anything," he said. "But due to the nature of what we've found we know

Winston Churchill’s Daimler up for auction

A Daimler DB18 Drophead Coupé which belonged to Sir Winston Churchill is set to hit the auction block. Built in 1939 and featuring coachwork by Carlton Carriage Co., the Daimler was used by the British Prime Minister during his election campaigns in 1944 and 1949. One of eight of the

Rare colour footage of London Blitz found

Previously unseen colour footage of London during the Blitz has been found in an attic in England. The amateur footage includes images of bombed-out landmarks such as the John Lewis department store on Oxford Street. Sir Winston Churchill also makes a brief appearance in the footage as he reviews

Winston Churchill’s cigar butt up for auction

A cigar butt which Winston Churchill stubbed out in 1941 is expected to fetch nearly $500 at auction. The 4in long stub was left by the Prime Minister before he dashed off for a Cabinet meeting on August 22, 1941 - the day German troops reached Leningrad. Whitehall valet Nellie Goble found

Rare colour footage of Winston Churchill

Rare colour TV footage of Sir Winston Churchill has been uncovered to mark the 50th anniversary of the college in his name at Cambridge University. In the recording of his remarkably prescient speech at the college the wartime Prime Minister declared his wish for Britain to continue as a world leader

Winston Churchill’s Blitz bunker was not bomb-proof

Apparently the bunker Winston Churchill worked out of during the Blitz was not bomb-proof...much to his annoyance. "The PM said I had 'sold him a pup' in letting him think that this place is a real bomb-proof shelter, whereas it is nothing of the kind," wrote Mr Duff. The letter goes on

D-Day mansion up for sale for $3.7 million

A mansion where Winston Churchill and General Eisenhower visited while planning the D-Day landings is up for sale. Cricket Court near Ilminster, Somerset, was a secret meeting place for the British and American leaders in 1944 when it was owned by government minister Lord Beaverbrook. Ownership of the Court passed to the