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Wisconsin highway construction unearths Native American remains

Highway construction in the state of Wisconsin has unearthed skeletal remains, as well as other artifacts, believed to have belonged to the Oneota people who lived in the area between 1300 A.D. to 1600 A.D. The Oneota people were farmers, growing mostly corn, squash and beans, but also hunted deer and

Prehistoric site to be replaced by a freeway in Wisconsin

Archaeologists in Wisconsin have been excavating a prehistoric Native American site in anticipation of a highway expansion project running through the area in 2013. Tentative state plans would put the northbound lanes of the new, expanded Highway 26 over about 80 percent of the site. Only the east edge of

130-year-old burnt toast found in Wisconsin

The remains of 130-year-old toast has been found during an excavation into a post office in Wisconsin. In 2002, while excavating a site called Alden’s Corners in Dane County, archaeologists uncovered several pieces of what appeared to be the oldest toast in Wisconsin. They unearthed the fragments of bread, which

Looters dig up land where remains were found

A sheriff in Wisconsin has found several large holes dug by looters on land where ancient remains were recently found. A local sheriff says artifact hunters are illegally digging where ancient human remains were found this summer. Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald says deputies recently found several large holes on county-owned land

Skull found during highway construction in Wisconsin

Construction workers unearthed an old human skull during highway construction in northern Fond du Lac County. Detective Charles Sosinski performed a preliminary investigation of the remains before handing it over to the Wisconsin Historical Society and its Burial Sites Preservation Board. An archeologist from Milwaukee will study the skull to determine if

Fossil crocodile tooth is a first for Wisconsin

A fossilized crocodile tooth found in Wisconsin could be the first evidence that vertebrates lived in the area during the dinosaur era. The species of crocodile can't be determined from just the tooth, but previously no known vertebrates had lived in that ancient period in the state. The find, five miles