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Mozart sheet music found in charity shop

A first edition piece of music written by an 8-year-old Mozart has been found in a charity shop in England. Elestr Lee, a musician, quickly spotted the printed composer's name at the bottom - Wolfgang Mozart. She researched the inscription on the front, which was in French and dedicated to Queen Charlotte,

The other Mozart prodigy

Smithsonian Magazine has posted an interesting article about the other Mozart prodigy, his sister Maria Anna, who was considered to be one of Europe's finest pianists until Wolfgang arrived on the scene. “Virtuosic.” “A prodigy.” “Genius.” These words were written in the 1760s about Mozart—Maria Anna Mozart. When she toured Europe

Mozart’s piano found in Germany

A long-lost piano believed to have been played by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has been found in Germany. Public broadcaster SWR said the instrument was built in 1775 and acquired in the 1980s by piano manufacturer Martin Becker in the southern German city of Baden-Baden from an antiques dealer in Strasbourg,

Nine historic figures whose bodies may be missing

Mental_Floss has posted an interesting list detailing nine historic figures whose bodies may be missing. 3. Genghis Khan. Speaking of tyrants, here’s another one who has gone missing. Unlike Vlad, though, Genghis has disappeared at his own request. He asked to be buried in an unmarked grave and his wishes

Two long-lost works by Mozart discovered

The International Mozarteum Foundation says it has discovered two new piano pieces composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Two unknown fragments of music by Mozart are believed to have turned up in a library in Nantes in western France. If authenticated by musical scholars, at least one of the pieces may be performed