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Timbers from Neolithic log boat found in Wales

Oak timbers that may have been part of a Neolithic log boat have been uncovered at a construction site in Wales. The prehistoric remains found at Monmouth have been radiocarbon-dated to 3,210 BC, in the New Stone Age. “There are cut features which appear to make it a complex craft and one

Timber from 4,900-year-old fort found in Wales

4,900-year-old timber that once supported a fortified farmhouse has been found in Wales. The fortified farmhouse on stilts in the middle of an ice age lake is so old it could have even been built before Stonehenge was created. At 4,900 years old it's probably even older than the Pyramids and was

6,000-year-old wood carving found in Wales

A decorative wood carving has been found during the construction of a wind farm in the Rhondda Valley in Wales. Richard Scott Jones, an archaeologist from Heritage Recording Services Wales, said the piece of wood was “priceless” and would be unveiled to the public at the National History Museum in St

8,900-year-old wooden pole found at bottom of lake

That title sounds pretty boring, but the real story is actually kind of interesting! An ancient pole has been found at the bottom of Lake Huron that may shed some like on a mysterious perhistoric period of North American history. Research divers from the University of Michigan discovered a 5 1/2-foot-long,

Mesolithic ‘rest stop’ found at grocery store site

The construction of a Sainsbury's in Scotland has uncovered burned oak which was used as a heat source somewhere back in the Mesolithic era. "The lack of any other Mesolithic dating on the site suggests that there was no settlement in the area, and that instead the hearth represents a temporary

Making Stone Age tools out of bamboo

Experimental archaeologists are testing the theory that Stone Age people living in East Asia created tools out of wood and bamboo. The researchers found that crudely knapped stone choppers made from round rock "cobbles" performed remarkably well for chopping down bamboo. In addition, bamboo knives were efficiently crafted with stone tools.

7,000-year-old timbers found under MI6 headquarters

The oldest wooden structure ever found on the Thames has been discovered right underneath MI6 headquarters. The archaeologists who uncovered the six hefty timber piles had to explain to the security services what they were up to when armed police turned up after they were spotted pottering about on a foggy

Wooden tablet with multiplication sums found in Japan

A wooden tablet etched with multiplication sums, dating back to the late Nara Period (710-784), has been unearthed in Nara, Japan. It is believed that the wooden tablet, or "mokkan," was used by an official for times table practice."The characters are not that tidy, and it was probably used by