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4,000-year-old log boat found in England

Roadwork in Linconshire, England has uncovered a 20-foot log boat that may date back 4,000 years. Experts suspect the boat may be Bronze Age (c.2000-1000BC), but they are not sure so a tiny sample of its timber has been sent to Florida for radiocarbon dating. The results are eagerly anticipated! This log

Rare wooden pharaoh statue found

Archaeologists working in the south of Egypt have unearthed a rare wooden statue of a pharoah which may represent the female king Hatshepsut. The pharaonic figure is not obviously a female, said Pouls Wegner, but is notable for its "smaller waist" and the "more delicate modelling of the chin." These attributes were

Wooden tablet with multiplication sums found in Japan

A wooden tablet etched with multiplication sums, dating back to the late Nara Period (710-784), has been unearthed in Nara, Japan. It is believed that the wooden tablet, or "mokkan," was used by an official for times table practice."The characters are not that tidy, and it was probably used by

Wooden covers ruin Persepolis stairways

Wooden covers set up to protect the stairways of Persepolis have actually caused more damage. Humidity and lack of planning for removal of garbage dumped by visitors at the site have created ideal conditions for growth of various types of fungus, lichen, and plants under the wooden covers, the

1,400-year-old Yin & Yang Taegeuk pattern wood carvings found

A 1,400-year-old artifact with the Taegeuk pattern has been found in Korea, making it the oldest of its kind in Korean history. The artifacts were excavated from the Bogam-ri tombs at Naju, South Jeolla Province last year and since then had gone through preservation treatment. The latest discovery predates by 682